Saturday, December 4, 2010

Build free one way backlink

Backlink is one thing that is very important in increasing the popularity of a website or blog in search engines. Inbon The more links to our website, the easier it is also the search engines to find websites that we have in addition to using the right keywords.

There are many ways to get backlinks, especially a free one way backlinks. One way is to put a link our website to various directories. One website service provider one way backlinks for free is

Step 1 :

Create free member in

Step 2 :

Open your email, and click url confirmation from

Step 3 :

Input your username and password for log in

Step 4 :

Click Add Project for insert you link url

Step 5 :

Click Direcktories and select your project

Step 6 :

Click Mark As Submitted to send your link with Anchor Text to direcktory

Step 7 :

Enjoy for your traffick :)
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