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How to do Web Directory Submission to Get High PR

Web Hosting Dark Dark T-Shirt by CafePressUnderstanding Web Directory

A web directory is also known as link directory which is a kind of dictionary on World Wide Web (www). In general terms, it is a website that has the links to other websites or resources. One of the amazing facts of web directory is that it is edited and updated by human beings very much unlike search engines. Let us understand web directory in depth.

Benefits of web directory
  1. Drive traffic- The web directory has categories based on the type of services or products offered on the websites. The directory is used by various web masters to place the links of their websites and users visit web directory to find out some information. If the website is listed under appropriate category, the traffic on the website will increase tremendously.
  2. Backlinks for the website- One of the greatest advantages of web directory is that the websites get high quality of links from the web directory. This is because of the reason that a web directory lets webmasters get inbound links which adds to the overall PageRank of the website. If the site is submitted to more directories, more inbounds links will be received by the website which will then achieve higher PageRank.

Types of web directory

Some of the web directories are elaborated below and depending upon your requirements, you can select the best-suited:
  • Free web directories- You can understand from the name itself that you do not have to pay anything to submit the website to free web directories. You can find numerous free web directories on the internet.
  • Paid web directories- You will be required to pay some amount for submitting to paid directories. They have various advantages over free directories. The PageRank of the website is elevated in shorter span of time.
  • Human-edited web directory- A human being is responsible for performing the edited work on these directories. They are considered to be more exact and accurate and major search engines rely on human-edited web directories.
  • Niche directory- In this kind of directory, links and websites of specific niches and topics are found. One of the examples of these directories sports directoris, automotive directories etc.
  • Link Farms- These directories are not human edited and have poorest quality, lack organization and features. This is the reason why they get blacklisted by major search engines.
How to find a web directory worth or not?

Before selecting any directory for your website, you must check its listing. This is because of the reason that it will be easier for your website to be visible on web directories. You must be aware of the fact that a good web directory will submit your site to thousands of other web directories which will generate one-way linking on your website. Hence, the traffic and PageRank of the website will improve.

Free Web Directories - Really Worth Submitting?

Using the services of free web directory is preferred by most of the webmasters. However, they must be aware of the fact that these directories do not have many facilities. One of the biggest disadvantages of free web directory is that they ask for reciprocal links which do not have value on major search engines. You will hardly notice any improvement with the help of this directory.

Paid Web Directories - Worth the money investing?

One of the biggest advantages of paid web directory is that it offers spam free functionalities. The PageRank of the website gets increased and the traffic is elevated. This is the reason why paid web directory is preferred by most of the website owners. However, you must make sure that the paid web directory is maintained by specialists who can help you out update your website as per the standards.

What Directories are SEO Friendly and what not?

There are some criteria to check if the directory is SEO friendly web directory. You must be aware of the fact that the website link must not contain JavaScript and the link of URL format of the web directory must not contain dynamic link to make SEO friendly web directory.

Finding Good Web Directories List

It is required to get a directory list where in you can submit the link of your website; however, you must make sure to check the PageRank, price and relevance of these web directories. After you have collected the information, you can make a directory list to choose from.

Add URL type search queries for directory finding through search

In order to refine your query when searching for web directories, it is highly recommended to add URL in the search engines. This will make search engines crawlers get the correct information for you. In the web directory, you can add URL so that the visitors are able to see your website more often on the search engines. You will have an option to add URL on these web directories.
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